04 January 2009

Top 10 Reasons to get a Battery Operated Boyfriend!

10. You always know where they are

9. You can have more than one

8. You won't have to worry about them "being out with the boys"

7. They won't ever ditch you at the bar

6. They won't argue with you

5. They are always ready when you are

4. They will never flirt with your best friend

3. They will never talk smack about you

2. When you toss them, they stay away

1. They will never come home smelling like someone elses perfume

To pick out YOUR New "Boyfiend" www.BBPartyGirl.com

**Please remember to always use a lube with any toy. We have all kinds to choose from. We have water based (good for just about anything). Silicone based, super smooth, rewets with water. DON'T use it with a silicone toy. And more....

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