22 January 2009

13 Thursday

Okay so, Another Day, Another bottle of....(milk) and Coming To You From the Land of Ahhs, did this post today. Thirteen things that are on your desk that should not be there! Well, ha, I have a lot more than 13, but hear ya go!
1. pictures
2. junk mail
3. files
4. papers
5. camera cord
6. coupons
7. baby books
8. card reader
9. insurance papers
10. blank post cards
11. wallet
12. shirts
13. and I am w/ Coming To You From the Land of Ahhs on this one, ME! LOL! I so should be cooking supper, doing laundry, cleaning house, you know any of those SAHM things!

Oh Well! So now what are your 13 things?

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