22 January 2009

Diamond Creek Candles

Have you ever burned a Diamond Creek Candle? Well, until yesterday, my answer to that question was NO! OMG! I didn't know what I had been missing. I won a game with SSIS and my prize was a delicious Blueberry Diamond Creek Candle, thanks to Heidi Church!

So, my candle was delivered yesterday. Of course I immediately opened it up. Well, the temps here were so low that I was afraid to burn it then b/c I was scared it might crack. So, I let it warm up and thaw out. I lit it up last night, OMG!!!! It smells just like a fresh batch of blueberry muffins baking in the oven! I have been burning my candle all day today. It really is delicious! Makes me want some muffins.

Okay, so my point behind the blog is that if you have not tried Diamond Creek Candles, you really should! Go check out Heidi's site and order you some of these delicious candles!

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