27 May 2009

Extra Extra Read All About It!!!

I have started a new business venture! That's right, another one, lol!

I am the newest representative for Ranch House Candles. What in the world is Ranch House Candles, you ask? Well, let me introduce you to an awesome company.

Ranch House Candles was launched about 5 years ago and then the consultant program launched shortly after that. They started out with craft fairs and fundraisers and have grown tremendously from there.

Ranch House Candles is an Eco-Friendly company that strives to "Go Green". Their products are 100% soy, very environmentally friendly. They do not publish catalogs in order to help save the trees.

Ranch House is family owned and operated. Every candle of every order is hand poured to order. Everything is made just for you! You don't have to worry about your candles losing their scent sitting in a warehouse waiting to be purchased. Speaking of scents, each candle is triple scented!!! Woo Hoo! Ranch House offers over 50 amazing scents to choose from.

Okay, now to the goods! Let me show you some of the products.

8 oz jelly jar candle

Also available in a 16 oz jelly jar

10 oz square mason jar

Here are the tart chunks and the reed diffusers. RHC also offers room sprays and oil refills.

Ranch House Candles goes beyond just candles. They also offer this crystal potpourri. If you are not one to burn candles or if you have little ones running around this is a great solution. The potpourri comes in all of the scents of the candles. The lid is vented for convenience or you can pour the potpourri out into a container of your choice.

Along with all of the flamless items offered by RHC are the warmers and melters. There are warmers for the tarts, the oils, and for the candles.

Ranch House Candles, being a fairly new company, is striving for greatness. There is some newness in the works with Ranch House. This is a very exciting time for the company as well as myself. I am so amazed at the greatness of the company and have only been at it for a few days now! I am looking forward to the changes and all of the new products.

As this is my "LAUNCH" to my business, I am having a sale! Woo Hoo!

I will be offering buy 2 get one free! That is right buy any two products and get one FREE (of equal or lesser value)!!! This is a "Christina" only sale so please place your order through me. I will invoice you through PayPal and as soon as I receive your order I will have them shipped to you!
~Helping to Brighten Up Your Days AND Nights~

Spotlight is Shinning!!!

Its time once again for a new Spotlight business. This week's spotlight biz is Deb's Gift Boutique with Ms. Debbi Anderson! Woo Hoo! If you want to read up on Debbi, click here. Debbi has been featured by many of our Sassy Sisters on their blogs over the months. She has also been featured on the Sassy Sisters In Sales blog, here. What can I say she is amazing!

Debbi is a well-rounded person who stays very busy with all of her businesses and other activities she is a part of.

As spotlight Debbi has some AMAZING inventory specials going on! If you are interested in Italian Charm Bracelets, check out Debbi's Bonanzle Booth, and rack up on the savings. She has so many charms in stock to choose from and a 25% off sale to boot! If you are looking for the perfect graduation present, check out the charm bracelets and charms. You could give that special graduate a gift of memories. Choose charms that represent the past, present and future. The best part is that the graduate can add to the charm bracelet anytime they choose! The gift that keeps on giving!

If candles or tea is more your style, check out Debbi's Blog for her specials on her inventory of those items.

26 May 2009

Recap of Sesame Street Live

My family and I went to Sesame Street Live, Elmo Makes Music on Sunday. A HUGE thanks to Lowe's Foods for the tickets.

We all had a great time! My girls were so entertained the entire time. Every time that Elmo would go off stage my 2 year old would say, "Elmo, back". She loves Elmo!

I would offer some pictures of our trip however, I forgot my camera! I can not believe that I forgot to take my camera. If you know me, you know that is not like me. I was so mad at myself.

So, not having pictures of my own to share I resorted to pictures from the Internet. If you have little ones and have the opportunity, I highly recommend Sesame Street Live!

20 May 2009

Meet My Family

This post is a little different than what I normally post. I have been inspired by my friend, Andrea Baker, to introduce everyone to my family. Andrea posted a blog including her family, so I am going to do the same!

This is my family, The Stricklands.
This picture was taken in October 2008.

This is my wonderful husband, Keith. We have been together 10 years, next month and married for 6 years, June 28th. Woo Hoo! I can not believe it has been 10 years! I grew up with Keith and his brother, which is actually my age. Keith is 4 years older than me. We started dating after running into each other down at Myrtle Beach during my senior trip. Been together every since.

On January 28th, 2006, Keith and I had our first child. A beautiful little girl, Savanah Marie. She was the best surprise either of us had ever had!
This is Savanah at age 3, well, just before.

Just 15 sort months after having Savanah, Keith and I had our 2nd child. Another beautiful little girl, Sarah Elizabeth, born May 6, 2007.

Everyone jokes about her birth date b/c it is so easy to remember: 5-6-07 and she weighed 8lbs 9oz. (5,6,7,8,9)

This is my baby girl on her at her 2nd birthday party.

And last but not least, lol, this is me.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know my family! We are a crazy bunch and there is ALWAYS something going on. You know what they say,


19 May 2009

Wedding Season

The wedding season is upon us. What a wonderful time to share with a couple. They spends months planning this special day so that it is perfect in every way. So many decisions to be made. So many details to iron out.

From the wedding dress to the rings, there are some big choices to make. Where the big event will take place, who will participate, what flowers you will carry, where the reception will be held, the menu for the reception, what photographer you will use. WOW! So much to decide on!

Why am I talking about weddings, you may ask? Well, my little brother is getting married in just two short weeks. They have been planning their wedding for months now! It finally seems as though they have it all together, just the last minute little things. I can not wait to see how this entire event comes together. The brides dress is beautiful, bridesmaids dresses as well. The cake has been designed and ordered, photographer picked, honeymoon planned, all is underway.

This is an exciting time of the year because it is the most popular time for weddings. I love to see all the brides in the dress shop trying on the gowns, looking for the perfect one. The look on their face when they know they have it! This reminds me of when it was me standing there gazing into that mirror. What an amazing time in a couple's life!

18 May 2009

SSIS Spotlight is Shinning on the Fabulous Andrea Baker

Andrea Baker is this weeks Sassy Sister in the spotlight! She is a very busy lady. She is a stay at home mom, of two beautiful girls, and wife. On top of her "mommy" position she has her own business, Handmade by Andrea Baker, she is a fashion consultant with Inspiranza Designs and also a beauty consultant with a major skin care company. Not only does she have her businesses but she has a hobby as a photographer. She is very good at finding just the right angle to catch the essence of what she is going for. Andrea truly has a full plate!

Now let me tell you a little about each of Andrea's businesses.

Handmade by Andrea Baker is her Etsy shop where she lists all of her awesome handmade items. I am the proud owner of three of Andrea's creations and could not be happier. She really does amazing work. If you visit her site and don't see something you like, maybe the color is not right for you or you have a vision of something a little different, you have come to the right place! Andrea has amazing customer service and will work closely with you to create the item that you are looking for! She has already designed a handbag and a consultant bag for fellow SSIS members. Check out her shop, Handmade by Andrea Baker, you will not be disappointed!

As a beauty consultant, Andrea is following her passion, to help woman in any way possible. Andrea's philosophy is that you don't have to make a purchase to be a customer, if you contact her for suggestions she will offer you the same customer service as she offers to everyone! I do not wear make up but wanted to try, so Andrea worked up three looks for me to try out. She has really been great chatting with me to help me feel comfortable putting the make up on and how to wear it. If you are looking to change things up a bit, contact Andrea!

Last but not least Andrea is a fashion consultant with Inspiranza Designs. This is a fairly new sterling silver jewelry company. I can tell you that Inspiranza has some amazing pieces. Andrea takes great pride in presenting her products. Perhaps if you are in the Columbus, Ohio are you could book an Inspiranza party with Andrea and earn some of the awesome pieces for FREE!

If you would like to get to know Andrea Baker check out her blog where she talks about everything from her family to her photography hobby!

Thanks to Lowes Foods

I would like to say a great big THANK YOU to Lowes Foods! At the end of last week I received a phone call from a lady associated with Lowes Foods. She informed me that I had been picked to receive four complimentary tickets to the big Sesame Street Live show coming up this weekend.

I was so excited! My girls, ages 3 and 2, love ELMO so they are going to LOVE this show! I had thought about taking them but then forgot that it was coming up.

I guess it was just meant to be that I take them!

I will definitely post again after we go and let everyone know how it was! I think I am just as excited as my girls because I never got to do anything like this when I was little so this is a first for me as well!

I hope everyone has a great week!

15 May 2009

Woo Hoo, Our New Lingerie Line Is Smokin'

Brown Bag Party has just launched our new line of lingerie. We have a brand new catalog with 21 smoking hot pieces.

We have been asked to carry costumes by many.
Brown Bag Party really listens to its customers,
We now have 3 costume type lingerie outfits.

Most of the pieces in the catalog are available in all sizes, small to 4X. No more having to settle for what you can get!

As many of you know, lingerie can get kindly pricey. Well, Brown Bag Party is taking care of that as well. We have beautiful pieces at reasonable prices. With prices ranging from $20.00 to $120.00 you are sure to find something to fit your taste as well as your pocketbook! Also, on top of the great prices, most of our collection comes complete with the stockings, panties, and garter. We even have a few pieces that are reversable, so essentially you are getting two for the price of one!

Come on over to my website and take a look at the brand new lingerie presented to you by
Brown Bag Party.

14 May 2009

Calling All Bachelorettes

Have you been wondering what to do for your bachelorette party?
Are you scared of what your Maid of Honor might come up with?
Does the thought of having a stripper dancing around in front of you horrify you?

Than Have a Brown Bag Party.

Brown Bag Party products range from sensual bath products, lotions and perfumes to lingerie, and enticing edible lotions and games, to adult novelty toys.

A Brown Bag Party provides a unique opportunity for women not only to see and sample a large assortment of exciting bedroom accessories, but to freely ask questions about those products and discover how they can relate to a couple's relationship

Just imagine, by the end of the party you can own everything you need for your Honeymoon!

*The Bride can either use the Hostess Credit (20% w/ qualifing party) or put together a wishlist and the girls attending can purchase gift certificates for her.


If your not planning your party, please share my site with the
Maid of Honor

Time Out

Do you take the time to relax? REALLY relax? Well, the Sassy Sisters in Sales have issued a challenge. They are hosting a series of blogs, “Take Time Out Thursdays”. Today is the first of the series.

As we all know, we as women do not take time out for ourselves, in most cases. Our families, friends, jobs and all that other “stuff” comes first. Our needs get pushed to the back burner.

The Sassy Sisters in Sales has issued the challenge that every woman takes just 15 minutes to themselves. Take the time to RELAX. Listen to your favorite CD, just sit in a quiet room, just do whatever it is that helps you to relax!

Visit the SSIS blog to read the entire post about the challenge. If you are up for the challenge come back here and/or the SSIS blog and comment on what you did to relax for your 15 minutes.

I hope that every woman accepts this challenge this week and I can not wait to see what challenge is engaged next week!

Ready, Set, RELAX!!!!

13 May 2009

SSIS Spotlight is Shining on JoAnn

If you have been following my blog for a while then you may remember hearing about JoAnn previously. JoAnn has been in the Sassy Sisters spotlight before (click here).

Now it is her turn back in the spotlight! JoAnn is one talented and busy woman! She works a full time JOB while also running two of her own businesses as well as a business as a rep for Avon. Whew, I don't know how she finds the time!

In case you are new to my blog and did not see the greatness of JoAnn's creativity before, let me tell you a little about her. She is the owner and artist behind Retro Recycled Jewelry. She takes junk and makes it into fun and funky jewelry. I have purchased some of her rings and they are awesome. Her jewelry spans beyond rings though, she also makes earrings and necklaces.

JoAnn's creativity does not stop there. She is also the artist and owner behind Knitilicious Knits. Jewelry and knitting, did I mention that she is talented? She knits all sorts of things, from scarves to purses to hats to gloves. Here are a few pictures of her work.

As I mentioned above, JoAnn not only has these two businesses, but she also reps for Avon as well as works a full time job. JoAnn is an amazing lady and a valued part of the Sassy Sisters group.