07 January 2009

Low Down on Lubes (Thanks Lisa B.)

The Low Down on Lubes
Here is a not-so-brief description of each of our lubes.
Flavored Lubes
Both Sex Tarts and ID Juicy Lube are flavored, water-based lubes. Here's what ID Juicy Lube's manufacturer has to say:Available in twelve great tasting flavors, ID Juicy Lube is the world's best selling flavored lubricant. Containing no sugars or dyes, Juicy Lube's clear, non-staining formula is water-based, long lasting and latex compatible, making it ideal for foreplay, oral sex and intercourse. Unique package dispenses at any angle
Here's what the maker's of Sex Tarts has to say:The tangiest, most flavorful lickable lubricant for lovers• Bright, friendly packaging includes flip top cap for easy application• Water soluble, non-staining formula
I recommend both of the flavored lubes to my customers for oral sex and foreplay.
Water Based Lubes
These are the lubes you want to recommend to go along with ALL toys!
System Jo H2O Water Based Lubricant Has all the benefits of the Original System JO Personal Lubricant, similar in feel and viscosity, yet contains NO OIL, WAX or SILICONE. Washes off incredibly easily with water
Wet LightIs a thinner, lighter lubricant formula than Wet Original Gel. Aloe vera extract and vitamin E make this approved medical device formulation ideal for sensitive skin. Water based, safe for use with all condoms.
Beyond PassionThis
2 - in - 1 lubricating liquid gives a gentle warming sensation which accelerates upon contact with water or moisture. Will not exceed your own body temperature. Can be used as a massage emollient or sexy lubricant. Water soluble and non-staining. 100% glycerine, petroleum and oil free. Apply to both inside and outside condom for added pleasure to safe sex!
Heated Passion
Liquid formula warms on contact or with moisture, it will not get warmer than your own body temperature. It contains benzocaine for added comfort and pleasure. Our lubricant contains no water therefore the lubrication is delightfully long lasting. It can be used with latex and is condom friendly. Water soluble and non-staining. Silicone, glycerine, paraben and oil free.

Silicone Based
Not recommended for use with toys!!!!
Silicone lube with silicone or cyberskin toys will cause a chemical reaction. This reaction can and will melt the toy and can actually cause a toy to fuse to your body! Silicone lubes are the finest lubes offered and are recommended for sex with a partner, sex in the water (hot tub, pool, shower etc...), anal sex and for women who have problems with vaginal dryness.
System JO
SiliconeBased are silicone based lubricants. They are super long lasting and waterproof. They work great under water, are latex compatible and manufactured under strict FDA guidelines.
pjur® Woman was designed especially for women, tailored to their comfort, pleasure, and sensuality. No perfumes or preservatives are used in the formula. pjur® Woman
was specifically developed for a woman's soft and sensitive skin. pjur® WomamIs a moisturizer and massage fluid with an extremely long-lasting lubricating effect, giving you all the time in the world. Even if the moisture of the mucus membranes is out of balance – whether due to stress, surgery, childbirth, or menopause – pjur® Woman makes you feel new again. Experience the wonderful, silky smooth feeling with just two drops of pjur® Woman. For those special moments – a girl's best friend.I also recommend using PJUR for self breast examinations and for flawless looking legs without wearing nylons!
Slick N Smooth
This silky smooth lubricant is the highest medical grade silicone lubricant on the market. Long-lasting and is never sticky or tacky. Does not promote bacteria growth, non-staining and has no fragrance. This is a deluxe lubricant that both partners will enjoy.Do not use with other silicone toys or products.
You can read more about these products and more on the websites of their various manufacturers:
pjur.comkingmanmyjoy. com (My Joy Collection)
systemjo.comwetinternational. com (Wet Light)
topcosales.com (Sex Tarts)
**Thanks to Lisa B, my sponsor, for putting together this info!**

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