28 January 2009

Couldn't Just Hang at 50!

I realized that I was at 49 blog posts, so I had to post another! LOL! I have not featured my fellow Sista today, so I am looking at Debbi Anderson. I figured since she is this weeks spotlight company anyway, I would show you all some things I like that she has to offer! She has something for everyone!
So, here ya go!

Of course we all love a good massage! I just wish I was close enough to take advantage of this great service she offers!

Going down the LONG list of companies Deb has to offer, LOL, I am starting w/ Scent-Sations, Mia Bella Candles. All of these candles look and sound so yummy! I love all of the products but I just think that these little Bellabuns are so cute and they look real too!

Her next company is Deb's Italian Charms. I never realized how many charms there are out there. I think there is a charm for every occasion, thing, person, moment, etc. The bracelets are beautiful!

Next on the list is Let's Do Tea! I told you she really has something for EVERYONE! Let's Do Tea offers lots of flavors of tea and lots of cute accessories. I have not tried the teas yet but everyone I have heard from say they are wonderful! I have however been looking at all of the cute teapots.

Following up the tea is, The Body Shop at Home. TBSaH has lots to chose from. From bath and body to hair care to home fragrances there is too much to list. Check out what you can get for FREE w/ purchase in February.

Moving on down the roll call list, she has Mama Bags! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this site! I just joined Deb's team for this great company. There are unique and limited quantities. There is a bag for every mama! This is one that I have on order, I can not wait to get it!

Moving right along, she has Painted Laydies Mineral Makeup. I have heard nothing but great things about this makeup. They have several items on sale right now.

Last, but certainly not least, she offers Mama Mixes. Are you looking for a good recipe for some dips, drinks, or some new ideas for breakfast? Check out Mama Mixes. Look at this yummy looking Bacon Cheddar Jalapeno Dip.

As you all can see Deb has lots to offer! If you are in search of something for a gift or for yourself, visit TheKnead2Relax.


  1. Great post! Debbi is somethin', isn't she!?!
    So many great companies she reps. :)
    She's a busy busy girl (but she still has time to Plurk her brains out... rotflol)

  2. Isn't that the truth! One day I hope to be as good as her! She ROCKS!!!

  3. aww i am blushing .. you gals are great!!