04 January 2009

Tips for First Time "Toy Users"

New to toys? Try a few of these suggestions to make your first experience memorable.

*Relax. Don't worry about what you should or shouldn't be doing with your toy, or if you are doing it right. Experiment; try using it all over your body and see what feels good.

*Go Solo. Play with your toys alone before introducing it into couples play, this way you learn what feels good and you can show and tell your partner.

* Try one toy that does several things. Instead of using one type of toy, try a toy that vibrates and is insertable. You may find out that your G-Spot vibe is amazing when stimulating your nipples :)

*Start Small.When buying a toy for insertion, it's better to err on the small side. If it's too big you probably will not play with it and decide toys are not for you; however a toy that is small can still bring you and your partner hours of enjoyment.

*Use Lube. Lubricants make everything so much better; more slippery and the experience will be more enjoyable. A toy that feels too big or vibrates too strongly may feel just right with the addition of a little lube.

*Be Open Minded. Sex toys are a fun way to expand your sexual repertoire and lean more about your body and your pleasure potential.

*If at First you don't succeed.....Try Again! If one sex toy doesn't thrill you, use that experience to decide what you want the next time around: different size, stronger vibration, softer material, variety in speeds. Testing several different toys is the best way to find what works.

*Use Resource books and videos. These can be great to learn how to incorporate toys into your sexual play.

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