29 December 2009

Read the Bible in 90 days?!?!?! What???

That's right! I am going to read the Bible in 90 days! There is a program that I am joining up with to do just this. Over at Mom's Toolbox, there is a large number of people signing up to follow the program to read the Bible in just 90 days!

I recently was lucky enough to win my own copy of the Bible and Participants Guide for the program. Although I have read parts of the Bible, I have never read it in its entirety. I really want to accomplish this. I am trying to raise my girls to follow Christ and I think that by knowing his word, I will be better able to do this.

I look forward to starting this program on January 1st. Would you like to accomplish this also, come on and join us!

16 December 2009

Etsy Team Columbus

Have you ever heard of Etsy Team Columbus? Well, I have had the honor of befriending one of the members. This is a group of crafters and artists that all live in Columbus Ohio. They are offering variety boxes to raise money for charity. Get a sampling of items from these artists and help them help someone. Check out the variety boxes at the Etsy Team Columbus site.

ETC is also having a giveaway on their blog.

There is still time to get entered to win the gift basket.