06 January 2009

Seven Things that Every Woman Needs

7 Must Have Things for Women

1. Basic Instinct~~this is our pheromone cologne. It can be used by women or men. Pheromones are your sexual attractant hormones. Have you ever been attracted to someone and had no idea why? Well, it was probably their pheromones talking to ya!

2. Naughty Kissable Shimmery Love Dust~~Shimmery, edible powder to add fun to foreplay. Also, accentuates the skin!

3. Hearts of Fire~~this is our heated massager! It is awesome for massages, menstrual cramps, back pain, or if your a hunter you can use it instead of those expensive hand warmers. The Hearts of Fire is reusable!! Once it is cooled boil for 10 min and voila, it is ready for the next time!

4. Soy Candle~~May I suggest Butt Naked! Soy candles are clean burning, have a wonderful scent, they are all natural and can be used as hot massage oil. These are awesome! They are soy so they don't burn too hot and they don't leave a waxy or oily film on your body. Butt Naked has a nice citrus, pineapple and coconut scent.

(also comes in: Red Hots, Hot Cakes, Love Spell, & Spiced Pear)

5. Lubricant~~Everyone needs a good lube! Why you ask? Experience shows that most of the time using a lube will increase your enjoyment!
There are different types of lubes. It is a personal preference on what kind to use: edible, warming, light, gel, water-based, silicon, petrolatum-based.

One tip when deciding: Water for toys, Silicon for Boys!

6. What Makes Mona Lisa Smile Ohhhhhh.......This is our hottest female enhancer. What does it do, you ask? Well, here are a few of the benefits:

Heightened sexual desire and intensified orgasms
Increased clitoral stimulation & sensitivity

7. Silver Bullet~~This little fellow is a very powerful and versatile toy! If you don't have any other toy, this is the one you want! It is small but has many pleasurable uses. Just to list a few ways to play:
Clitoral stimulationHold under your chin or on your cheek for vibrating BJPlace against his scrotum for sexy surpriseThere are also several pleasure sleeves that can be added to the bullet!

**All of these items can be found at http://www.bbpartygirl.com/**

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