19 May 2009

Wedding Season

The wedding season is upon us. What a wonderful time to share with a couple. They spends months planning this special day so that it is perfect in every way. So many decisions to be made. So many details to iron out.

From the wedding dress to the rings, there are some big choices to make. Where the big event will take place, who will participate, what flowers you will carry, where the reception will be held, the menu for the reception, what photographer you will use. WOW! So much to decide on!

Why am I talking about weddings, you may ask? Well, my little brother is getting married in just two short weeks. They have been planning their wedding for months now! It finally seems as though they have it all together, just the last minute little things. I can not wait to see how this entire event comes together. The brides dress is beautiful, bridesmaids dresses as well. The cake has been designed and ordered, photographer picked, honeymoon planned, all is underway.

This is an exciting time of the year because it is the most popular time for weddings. I love to see all the brides in the dress shop trying on the gowns, looking for the perfect one. The look on their face when they know they have it! This reminds me of when it was me standing there gazing into that mirror. What an amazing time in a couple's life!

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