18 May 2009

SSIS Spotlight is Shinning on the Fabulous Andrea Baker

Andrea Baker is this weeks Sassy Sister in the spotlight! She is a very busy lady. She is a stay at home mom, of two beautiful girls, and wife. On top of her "mommy" position she has her own business, Handmade by Andrea Baker, she is a fashion consultant with Inspiranza Designs and also a beauty consultant with a major skin care company. Not only does she have her businesses but she has a hobby as a photographer. She is very good at finding just the right angle to catch the essence of what she is going for. Andrea truly has a full plate!

Now let me tell you a little about each of Andrea's businesses.

Handmade by Andrea Baker is her Etsy shop where she lists all of her awesome handmade items. I am the proud owner of three of Andrea's creations and could not be happier. She really does amazing work. If you visit her site and don't see something you like, maybe the color is not right for you or you have a vision of something a little different, you have come to the right place! Andrea has amazing customer service and will work closely with you to create the item that you are looking for! She has already designed a handbag and a consultant bag for fellow SSIS members. Check out her shop, Handmade by Andrea Baker, you will not be disappointed!

As a beauty consultant, Andrea is following her passion, to help woman in any way possible. Andrea's philosophy is that you don't have to make a purchase to be a customer, if you contact her for suggestions she will offer you the same customer service as she offers to everyone! I do not wear make up but wanted to try, so Andrea worked up three looks for me to try out. She has really been great chatting with me to help me feel comfortable putting the make up on and how to wear it. If you are looking to change things up a bit, contact Andrea!

Last but not least Andrea is a fashion consultant with Inspiranza Designs. This is a fairly new sterling silver jewelry company. I can tell you that Inspiranza has some amazing pieces. Andrea takes great pride in presenting her products. Perhaps if you are in the Columbus, Ohio are you could book an Inspiranza party with Andrea and earn some of the awesome pieces for FREE!

If you would like to get to know Andrea Baker check out her blog where she talks about everything from her family to her photography hobby!


  1. I personally own an apron and a business card cozy made by Andrea. She is very precise with her sewing! Her designs are awesome!

  2. Andrea is incredibly talented - I LOVE my Handmade by Andrea clutch! Her service is unmatched. Great post Christina! Hugs!

  3. Thank you so much for such an indepth and fabulous write up!!! And thank you for the comments.