14 May 2009

Time Out

Do you take the time to relax? REALLY relax? Well, the Sassy Sisters in Sales have issued a challenge. They are hosting a series of blogs, “Take Time Out Thursdays”. Today is the first of the series.

As we all know, we as women do not take time out for ourselves, in most cases. Our families, friends, jobs and all that other “stuff” comes first. Our needs get pushed to the back burner.

The Sassy Sisters in Sales has issued the challenge that every woman takes just 15 minutes to themselves. Take the time to RELAX. Listen to your favorite CD, just sit in a quiet room, just do whatever it is that helps you to relax!

Visit the SSIS blog to read the entire post about the challenge. If you are up for the challenge come back here and/or the SSIS blog and comment on what you did to relax for your 15 minutes.

I hope that every woman accepts this challenge this week and I can not wait to see what challenge is engaged next week!

Ready, Set, RELAX!!!!

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