31 August 2009

The Benefits of Pole Dancing

(Thanks Krystal @ ohitfeelssogood.blogspot.com)

Pole dancing and pole fitness has become very mainstream in the last 5- 10 years, from just exotic dancers to soccer moms wanting to be fit and feel confident. Pole dancing builds strength and flexibility. It can be done as a fitness rountine with other workouts or by itself. Pole parties have become a very popular way to learn some basic moves with your friends and feel more comfortable getting familiar with a class based structure. With Brown Bag Pole parties you and a group of 10-20 friends get together in your home and I come with a portable pole and show you 5-7 basic moves. The great thing about this is your in the privacy of your home. Your friends will cheer you on and you learn to feel sexy, feel confident and get fit! Most women forget this actually is excercising! Pole parties cost $38 per girl and that includes a goody bag full of things to make your night extra special. Want to learn more? Take extra classes or purchase a pole. This doesn't have to be about him many women dance for the partners but some use this as there time to feel good about themselves. Get rid of the mirrors in the room. Feel sexy without letting your body tell you otherwise.
Have a pole party
Be sexy,
Be fit,
Pole dance
To book your pole party for you and your friends visit:
Click on host a party and fill out the form!

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