24 June 2009

Foreplay: Its important!

A lot of Brown Bag Party's products are for foreplay. This is a topic that is important for a couple's sexual relationship. Foreplay can mean a lot of things, the dictionary definition is the sexual stimulation preceeding sexual intercourse. By definition there is a wide range of foreplay.
I always tell my guests at my parties that foreplay is import to keep the spark alive in a sexual relationship. It is important for both the man and woman to remain satisfied.
Men can orgasm in zero to seven minutes, I am always reminded by my guests that most don't take that long! For most women it takes longer, up to 20 minutes. This is why foreplay is so important.
As I was browsing the internet I found an article, Foreplay Tips for Men and Women.
The following is the list shared in this article:
1. Don't Forget to Kiss
2. Target the Neck
3. Target All the Erogenous Zones
4. Oral Sex
5. Use Massage
6. Set the Mood
7. Tease
8. Communicate
9. After Sex Don't Just Walk Out
If you would like more details from the article on these foreplay tips, click here.
Brown Bag Party is on top of the importance of foreplay. We have a wide range of products to initiate foreplay. We have games for couples that prolong foreplay. Here are a few of our products:
We also have a large variety of massage products:
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  1. Great post!!! I totally agree .. anymore (after 5 yrs of marriage) if there isnt foreplay there isnt anything lol