26 June 2009

A Day to Celebrate!

Sunday is my 6th wedding anniversary.
I can not believe that it has been six years already.
I guess time flies when you’re having fun, lol.

For our anniversary my husband is taking me out for the night.

We are going out on Saturday night, since he has to work on Monday and I have the kiddos.

I am not sure where we are going or what we are going to do, but I am excited! It’s been a while since we have went out just the two of us.

I think that we will probably go out of town for the night. Its kind of crazy to pay for a hotel room when you have a house but, if we are at home SOMEONE is going to call or stop by. The most exciting part of this entire “date” is that it was my hubby’s idea!

Here’s to all the years of happiness and many more to come!

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