22 April 2010

Hosting a Brown Bag Party

I have been told time and time again that nothing in life is free.

WELL, that is not entirely true!

Hosting a Brown Bag Party is FREE!
That's right! Book your Brown Bag Party and invite your friends over for a fun night in.

Not only do you get a night of FREE fun with friends, you also earn 20% of your party's sales in FREE product! That is double the industry standard! Brown Bag Party really appreciates about our hostesses and we want you to know it! Also take advantage of the monthly Hostess Exclusive Packages available.

During your FREE and Fun evening with friends, we also teach you some new tricks and tips about our products and other interesting topics. If you have questions about anything, bring them with you your party and ask away!

Contact me today to book your FUN, FREE, and Educational Brown Bag Party!

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