11 January 2010

11 Day Check-In

Today is day 11 of the 90 day challenge. As I was checking in at Momstoolbox, I realized that I am very proud of myself for taking this challenge and sticking with it.

I am not only learning about God and his word but, this experience is opening up more learning opportunities for my daughters. My 3 year old sees me reading the Bible and wants to read hers as well. We have started reading the stories in her children's Bible before she goes to bed at night.

Although I have gotten behind at times in my reading, I want to keep going and get caught back up. Right now I am where I am supposed to be!

I have found that for me it is easiest to read and really concentrate at night when my girls are in the bed. So, I will complete today's reading tonight when the little ones are asleep. I look forward to learn more from this challenge!

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