06 July 2009

A Weekend of Celebration and Thanks!

July 4th, Independence Day, brings lots of ways to celebrate and give thanks to all those heroes out there that are risking their lives and have risked their lives for us to have our freedom. From cookouts with friends and family to fireworks displays to parades, there are numerous ways you can celebrate.

My family started our festivities this weekend with our local fireworks festival Friday night. This was the first time our girls were big enough to know what was going on. This year they had the moon bounces for the kids and lots of other activities for the children and adults alike. My girls loved the moon bounce slides with daddy.

After this fun, it was time for the fireworks! Yay!

My 3 year old, Savanah was not too happy with the loud noise the fireworks made.

My 2 year old, Sarah, on the other hand loved them and wanted to see more.

Here are a few pictures that I took of the fireworks:

Saturday, the 4th, was spent with family for the most part with a cookout with friends to wrap up the day. What a great way to celebrate, with friends. We attended a cookout with lots of activities for the kids, even the "big kids" had a good time. There was a pool, sidewalk chalk for artwork, water slide and the biggest hit of all was a water balloon fight, this is where the "big" kids came into the fun. We wrapped up the night with a little fireworks display at the cookout. Once again Savanah didn't like them but Sarah loved it!

Thanks to all of the soldiers out there that have risked their lives and those that are risking their lives today! Also a huge thanks to their families for giving them the support to do what they do! God Bless you all and God Bless America!

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