27 July 2009

Sale Time!!!! In all my BIZs


I am offering a sale in all of my businesses. If you have been wanting to try one of my products from Brown Bag Party, Mommy's Sunshine Designs, or Soylicious.com, now is the time w/ great savings!

I will start off the Sales with:

One of the awesome new features with Brown Bag Party is that we now can offer coupon codes to use on our websites. I am offering 20% off all orders placed on my website! http://www.bbpartygirl.com/

To receive the 20% off use coupon code 4B9RVW at checkout.

All orders will be shipped straight to your door via Fedex. No one even has to know what you order!

Next business up for a sale is

Mommy's Sunshine Designs

I am offering a HUGE sale here, 20% off all orders and FREE shipping (US only)!!!
What a great deal!

Are you looking for a tutu for your pretty princess or a tye dye for your little sunshine?
This is the place you want to be! Check out all of my photos. Fill out the form on the contact us page with what you are wanting.


And last but certainly not least,


I am offering 20% off all orders emailed to me. This one you have to email me your orders. Check out my site and make you a list of what you want then email me!
I will work up your price with your discount and shipping and get back to you.
**Check out the exclusive scent MOON PETALS! Awesome!**
Check out my shops. You are sure to find something that fits your needs or desires! I have something for EVERYONE! Looking for a gift but not sure what to get? Message me and I will help you find the perfect item.


  1. My boys LOVE their bucket hats!! They even wanted to sleep with them when they first got them!!! Oh, and the Moon Petals scented candles are SOOO DELICIOUS!!! Very beautiful and relaxing!!!!!!! These are GREAT DEALS!!!

  2. Thanks Teri! So glad your boys like their hats and you enjoy the Moon Petals!

  3. I cannot wait to order the tutus and shirt for my lil cousins!!!