03 July 2009

Review of A Perfect Party by Cody

Saturday, June 27th, was our first Sassy Affair with the Sassy Sisters In Sales. One of our sisters, Kattia Gordon, is a rep for A Perfect Party by Cody. During Kattia's time slot her prize for her game was two of the treat/craft bags offered on her site. I won the prize so I took Kattia's advice and got two of the Beach Babe Treat bags.

Well, much to my surprise, the treat bags arrived yesterday, Thursday, July 2nd. I thought that was pretty fast shipping!

I sat my girls down today to let them open their surprise! I was very impressed with how the treat bags were packaged. When I opened up the cardboard shipping box, I found a nice memory box tied up with a pretty purple ribbon.

My daughters, Savanah age 3 and Sarah age 2, could not wait to get into this big box to see what their surprise was. I let them continue on to open the box. As they untied that ribbon and opened the top of the box they saw a tattoo and a candy stick. Savanah said, "Aww...Mommy look!"

So, on through this pretty purple tissue paper my girls got to their "surprise". They pulled out their bags and were excited to see what all was in them. As I began to pull everything out of the treat bags, we found: sunglasses, flip flops, a visor, candy necklace, small beach ball, and decorative foam pieces. My girls immediately put on the sunglasses.

I sat the girls in separate chairs and showed them how to pull the backs off the stickers to decorate their visors. They really enjoyed doing this. Both girls made their hats all by themselves. They put them on and are still wearing them. There were decorations for the flip flops but we didn't' get that far.

As you can see by the pictures, neither girl took off their sunglasses to decorate their hat. Once the hats were finished they put them on and then had to put on the necklace and blow up their beach balls. Now they are ready to go to the beach!

Thanks Kattia for suggesting the Beach Babe Treat Bags!

If you have a birthday party or any special occasion coming up, check out Kattia's site and let her help you find the perfect decorations and accessories for your event.



  1. You Rock, Christina. Thank you , I was all smiles seeing the girls have so much fun

  2. Oh now I so much KNOW I am going to be getting one for Kaitie!! That is awesome!!