13 April 2009

Anthony "Tony" White Benefit

As many of you have heard me talk about, I am helping put together a benefit for Anthony "Tony" White of Graham/Eli Whitney, NC. Tony was in a bad wreck back in August 2008. If you want to read about his accident click here and here for the news articles.

Tony is a great man and always there to help anyone that needs it. Since his wreck in August, Tony has been in the burn center at the University of Chapel Hill Hospital. Once released from the burn center, Tony will be moved to rehabilitation.

We, myself and two friends, are organizing this benefit to show Tony that we all miss him and are praying for him. The community is really coming together to make this benefit huge! We are throwing a huge party including children's activities, DJ, BBQ/Hot Dog supper, raffles and silent auction. We are still in the process of collecting donations to use for the raffle and silent auction. I know that most of you do not know Tony and do not even live in NC for that matter, but I am thankful that you all are offering help.

I have started a website for this benefit, http://www.tonywhite09.webs.com/.

The website has a guestbook for everyone to sign with messages and well wishes to Tony. As we start to build more signatures we will print the messages and send to Tony in the hospital. We are working closely with his family to make this a huge success.

Please visit the website to see the list of sponsors and the items that have been donated thus far. I am updating the list as we have more items coming in.

I would like to extend thanks to all of the ladies of SSIS that are donating items to the benefit! Your donations show how great you all really are! I am so blessed to be a part of such a great group!

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