27 April 2009

Aaron's Dream

I would like to tell you all about a very brave young man named Aaron. He is the son of a great lady that is a member of Sassy Sisters in Sales with me, Micki. Micki is the owner of Baby Cakes Online Bakery. Aaron just left on his venture to serve our great country. He joined the Air Force! Aaron is living his dream and his mom is trying to adjust to her baby not being home. Micki's newest cupcake, Aaron's Dream Cupcake, is dedicated to all things military in honor of her brave son, Aaron. Please take a few moments to read the story behind this delicious looking cupcake. I have not personally tried these cupcakes yet, but have heard nothing but awesomeness about them. Go by Baby Cakes and check out all of the great goodies that Micki has to offer. Help to show your support of our military by ordering an Aaron's Dream Cupcake.

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