19 February 2009

What's going on the the Bold & Beautiful life of ME?

Well, it is Thursday morning, one more day till the weekend. This also means one more day of the kids being here and one more day of endless chores. Wait, those would be the chores that I should be doing but instead I am randomly playing on the computer! Ha! Oh, well, they will get done, eventually! Back to my life! My girls have been dancing around all morning, we had a jam session a little while ago! Lots of fun and never a dull moment in my house. Today I have 5 of the 6 kids I normally have. I have my two girls of course (Savanah 3yr & Sarah 21mo) and Carson who is 2, Addie who is also 21mo and Cooper who is 16mo old.

Tomorrow I will only have 4 kiddos! Then starts the weekend. I have a full deck to play this weekend! Don't get me wrong that is a good thing! I am wanting to go out tomorrow night to hear a band play, then I have a party Saturday night and Sunday night. Keep in mind I also have those chores that are lingering about waiting to be done and the girls want to go play at the park if the weather premits. I also have to find time to go to the grocery store and probably WalMart also! Whew....I really should be better with organiztion and time management because I know I am going to end up stressing to get everything done!

Okay so anyway! Besides the typical laundry, dishes, cooking and parenting things that I have going on, nothing really exciting today! It rained out, most of the day yesterday so it is too wet to take the kids out to play. Probably pretty windy also!

Well, I guess I am going to sign off now and go tackle at least one of those stacks of laundry or maybe the dishes, or you know Martha Stewart will be on in 15 min. Aww...who knows what I will end up doing! Guess I better do something before these kiddos get up from napping!

I will chat more later!

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