21 December 2008

Hard Times

The holidays are here, gas prices are rising again, and our economy is awful right now! These sure are hard times! Christmas is supposed to be fun and exciting! Well, up until today, it has not been very fun and exciting. Our finances have been lacking in a BIG way! We just barely paid the bills this month. There was nothing left for Christmas gifts for our girls. I think I was almost getting depressed b/c I wasn't going to be able to do for my girls like I wanted to.

Well, last night I had my last party for the year. I made $200!!! Yay!!! I was excited, we really could use this money!!! Well, today was my husband's Saturday to work. One of his customers gave him $100 tip! No, he is not a stripper or anything like that! LOL! He is a service manager at a car dealership. He said the customer told him that he had helped her family out so much she wanted to give it to him. She later came back to pay her bill and handed him a card and left. When he opened the card it said Merry Christmas, do something for you and your wife, there was another $100 in the card. The customer sat in the parking lot until he opened it and when he looked up she waved and pulled off.

From the money I made at my party last night and this money from this angel, we were able to go tonight and get the girls the rest of the stuff we wanted to get them and a little bit more! I feel so much better now! I can't wait to see their faces on Thursday morning!!!

So, the point of my story is, in this lacking society we live in today, there are still angels out there! People who really do appreciate when someone goes the extra mile for them!

I don't know this lady that gave us this money but I can tell you where ever she may be, SHE IS APPRECIATED!!!!

Thank you GOD!!!

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