17 December 2008

End of year Kit sale!!!

Wow!!! Brown Bag Party is offering a kit for only $29! That is awesome!!! This end of the year kit sale was just announced yesterday and can I say it was very unexpected! We have all been asking when the next kit sale was coming and all we would get is maybe sometime next year. Well, SURPRISE!!!!!
So, if you have ever thought about starting your own Romance biz, NOW is definately the time to start!!!! There is also the option to buy booster kits to add more to your show table, if you are interested!
I would love to have some wonderful ladies on my team! So, if you are interested you can contact me, c_strickand@yahoo.com, or visit my website, www.bbpartygirl.com

I will be more than happy to give you a call and walk you through the sign up process!

Let's get this team rolling!!!

BBPartyGirl Christina

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