25 February 2010

My New Workout Routine!

A while back I learned about a workout routine called Flirty Girl Fitness.

Well, I finally decided to give it a try!
I started out with the
Preview 2 Disk DVD set.

This set came with Booty Beat & Chair Dancing.

Wow! What a great, fun time! I love the Booty Beat DVD. It does not even feel like a work out. If you love to dance, you will love this! You are working out while dancing! This dvd teaches you an actual dance routine.

I started on the Chair Dancing dvd a little but decided that the chair I had was not appropriate. I will be getting back to that dvd!

So, with the preview pack, you receive an additional 2 pack of dvds every other month. Fun, Fun!
I received my second set yesterday! Whoot!

This set included the Ultimate Upper Body dvd & Chair Dance: Tone & Tease. Since I still don't have an appropriate chair, I started right off with the Ultimate Upper Body dvd. WOW!
What a great workout! This workout will really get your heart pumping and your muscles working! After day one, I didn't realize just how much it worked me until I started the work out on day two, today!

I am sore! It must be working because I can REALLY feel it!

I am excited to keep working with this workout routine and can not wait to see what comes next!

***This is not an ad for Flirty Girl Fitness and I am not being paid! This is just my experience and my ramblings!**

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